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Recording 16: Arriving at the destination

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Recording 5: How much is it? – Could you …?

Taxi Drivers – How Much Is It? – Could You …? by Nergiz Kern






The fare


$ 1.45 – one dollar (and) forty-five (cents)
€ 4.68 – four euros (and) sixty-eight (cents)
TL 12.36 – twelve liras thirty-six
TL 7.54 – seven liras fifty-four
TL 49 – forty-nine liras


How much is it? – It’s 13 (thirteen) liras.
How much is the fare? – It’s 25 (twenty-five) liras.


How far is it to the city centre? – It’s 10 (ten) kilometres.
How much is it to the city centre? – It’s 30 (thirty) liras.


Taxi driver: The fare is 18 (eighteen) liras.
Passenger: Here are 20 (twenty). Keep the change.
T: Thank you (very much)!



Could you …?


Could you give me your phone number, please?
Could you say that again, please?
Could you write that for me, please?
Could you help me, please?


Can I help you?


Here’s my phone number.


a rule, a traffic rule