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Recording 11: A video introduction to Vocaroo

Hi all

I would like you to leave audio comments here on your class blog.
This will help you practise and improve your English speaking skills.
Watch this video to learn how you can leave a comment:
(If you have problems understanding what I am saying, you can read the transcript below the video).

TaxiEnglish – Audio Tool Introduction from NergizK on Vimeo.



Hi There,
This time, I have a different recording for you. This is a screencast. With a screencast, I can show you something on my screen. I’m going to show you a tool that allows you to leave audio comments on our class blog.
The name of the tool is “Vocaroo“. It’s very easy to use. But first, you need a headset like this one. When you have plugged in your headset and put it on, you simply click the “Click to Record” button. Then, you click “Allow”. Now, you can speak. “My favourite ice-cream flavour is chocolate.” When you are finished, you click the “Click to stop” button.
Now, you can click on “Listen” to hear your recording… If you are not happy with it, you can click on “Record again”. And that’s what I’m going to do now… And listen again… If you are happy, click on “Post on the internet” and select and copy the Vocaroo link.
Next, open the Taxi English blog, choose the blog you want to leave a comment on. We’ll take this one. Click on “comment”, and paste the link into the comment field. You can also add text if you want.… And now, click on “comment” and it will show up.
Now, I or any of your colleagues can click on this link and listen to you… And that’s it… So, this is how you can leave audio comments on our class blog…