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Dear Colleagues

I thought teachers visiting this course website might be interested to know more about the context and rationale of it, and how this online component of the blended course fits in with the mobile and face-to-face components.

There are two resources that explain this course. The first one is an article published in the professional magazine The English Teaching Professional, issue 71, which is more practical and explains step-by-step how the course was produced. You can read it here on my main website.

I have also written a chapter on this for a British Council publication on Blended Learning.

You are welcome to use the material, modify, and add to it as long as you attribute it to me (see the CC license on the front page). I would be very happy to hear from any teacher who uses the material or anyone who has taught a similar course, or has a comment about this one.

Nergiz Kern

1 thought on “For Teachers

  1. Katherine Manson

    I have spent a happy part of a day reading about your course. I work for an organization dedicated to producing blended courses for low income populations in areas around Mexico. At the moment, I am participating in a project here in Mexico City to create an English course for taxi drivers. I have read your academic articles and looked at the on-line (wordpress) blog and I was wondering if you would be comfortable giving me access to the in-class part of the course. Also if it’s not a huge imposition, I would also like to have a Skype call to talk about your experience with the course and any new work you’ve done with the same population.

    Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Katherine Manson


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